Congratulations to Jensen Ackles

[ Written on November 09 2009 by Natalie ]

I just wanted to extend a big congratulations to Jared’s co-star and friend, Jensen Ackles of Supernatural. A rep for Jensen has confirmed Jensen and longtime girlfriend, actress Danneel Harris are engaged. The 31-year-old Supernatural actor and 30-year-old One Tree Hill actress have been dating for about three years but have been friends for nearly a decade. The couple, who are longtime members of the WB/CW family, co-starred in the 2007 romantic comedy Ten Inch Hero.

No date has been set for the nuptials.

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  1. Darc says:

    Dear Jensen,
    I do’t know what to say or waht to think about this. Right now I am siting her i n LA at my sister’s palce and now I find out this happend I feel so embaressed for evrything I am so sorry I just got here I been to the days of ourlives fan event this was my first time. I want the best for you But I feel so merrsible right now this is to hard for me to beilve this is actually really happening and I stually feel so sad and vanable right now you were like this favorite person in this whole enirte earth. I know I am just a fan and i have to just like get over it right but I can’t to tell you the turth I am not a obessd person fan of th e day and I know I am the las person who want to hear form right now I know I am silly and am making a fool out my self by beliving of what where the heart is I hope you get your happy ending . Me don’t worry about me I will never will have one of those. I guess be alone the rest of my life this is about you no me I am so sorry for being all wishy washy I feel so emabrssed like in all of my letters . I love watching Supernatual at least Dean is not going anywhere I still have him in my heart. I just don’t want to end and honstly I don’t know what to say I want the best for if Danile makes happy so be it I don’t have to care and I am not jelious just because i treid hard of being just me . I am not as crazy as other fans are I am one of the nicest sweetest girls thers is and I am trying to make you guys see that you sre the best that has ever happend to Supernatural you are my favorite actor in this world but not anymore your not you and Dean barake my heart you are not woth me crying over. I did nothing because I don’t want to fight I know it’s silly of me saying this it is just a silly school girl cursh on a actor I don’t hadrely even know evrybody has those and now I embrssed alreday you dersve to to be happy and I wish you the best even though Danile won your heat I lost you for good this time and I need to get over it and move on. she won. right now I feel lilke I am wanted dead or alive or I can’t fight this feeling anymore . I really love those songs those are the songs I think of you and Jaed by and ucling I can’t the eye of the tiger is my favorite in Yellow fever you guys are the best i do want to meet you both but I don’t know if I can maybe just jaerd . I just want to be fieinds even how hard I tiried to have you guys t o expect me as the long lost fan of the drak in supernautal that you guys made me you guys are the best actors there I think Jaerd is my favorite now oh don’t worry I still love Dean winchester all I am just being nice but can I hate you and hate me for saying that.. I am sorry for everything . I rather go get drink even though I don’t drink funny Huh I am serious here yeah on what LOL. cherrs to you congrats anyway you desvere the best . don’t bother go be with your new wife to be. I don’t care just leave me alone silly Dean man. just stay way frome me I am not form Califona Me form Boise Idaho don’t forger that see ya if I didn’t get chance to bump into you guys and to give you your gummy bears to you Ha Ha I am going to eat them all before you can have them. . so there Conttras agian. you are my bat man 10 inch hreo of couse.. Good luck to you I wish you guys the best I will be fine. bye for now. I have my life head me I just need time to forget and move on. I love you guys.
    Your fan of Days ourl ives & Supernautral,

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