Does God Save the Winchester Boys?

Can you believe we have to wait almost two months for a new episode of Supernatural, especially after yesterday’s heartbreaker “Abandon All Hope”? The wait is going to be positively gruesome, but to keep, well, hope alive during the holidays, we gathered up the answers some of your burning SPN fan Q’s.

So what’s the biggest question of all right now in the Supernatural-verse? For our money it’s this: Why is God so darn laissez-faire in his approach to the Apocalypse? The Winchesters could really use a hand mopping up all the fire and brimstone that’s raining down on Earth right now! Come on, big man! Show your face!

So, will there be a deus ex machina in season five of Supernatural? Here’s what we’re hearing: OK, we can’t give you a firm answer on the God issue, but we can give you an intriguing answer. (Ain’t that always the way?)

When we asked if God was going to get a permanent meat suit and/or an actor cast to play him, our inside source came back with a suspiciously circumspect reply: “No comment.” What does that mean? We’re handing it off to you to decide; we seriously suspect it means that God will pop up when we least expect it, in a form we never saw coming. Any guesses as to where, when or how?

As for God’s right-hand man, some of you have asked if the storied archangel Michael would be appearing as a featured player, Ă  la Lucifer, Castiel and Zachariah. We hear that as much as we’d all like to “see” the dude who handpicked Dean (Jensen Ackles) as his vessel, Michael’s appearances on our mortal coil will be in borrowed bodies of no major consequence. Darn it! Michael sounds like he would be crazy hot.

And last but not least, what about our father who aren’t in heaven, John Winchester himself? We wanted to know if the long-absent Jeffrey Dean Morgan might deign to appear in the climactic season five, when all his warnings and prophecies are finally coming to pass—especially that one about Dean having to put down Sam (Jared Padalecki)! Sadly, we hear that there is “zero” chance of JDM returning and that producers aren’t even trying to get him back because storywise, “It doesn’t make sense.” Hmph.

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  1. Everyone Knows thhe storyline of corouse. I don’t know if God is planing something good to save these boys or he might be bad the way. I see it he tried to kill my Dean so may times and than he never seccued it anyway. I think he was there for the Winchester battle over evil I haven’t seen him yet I say where is god actually I need him. I sure hope he does save the winchesters not to killl them or It’s over for me if he has Dean or both die sorry I can’t watch not anymore it is the way I feel I am nothing like Becky the super fan but at least I am still one and how much I have gorwn to love these guys Dean& Sam are my whole heart. there funny awsome 10 inch hero’s sexy guys I don’t mean to emabrssed them by only myslef for saying that there s so sweet and it is just like the animaincs or the simpsons here there crazy like that s like al the time and I need a humor kind of guy like that . these guys been through enoth already lossing loved ones and your right it does not have make sesne. I just want my boys saved is what I am saying I can’t live with out Dean or Sam. it’s my life my heart is on the line for these guys I love Dean& Sam. I don’t know who would save me. I do it all takes me to get to where there are. If I were god I would be on there side.

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