Jared Padalecki has been around for a couple years now, finally breaking through and scoring his first leading role in FRIDAY THE 13TH. Some may know him from his starring roles in GILMORE GIRLS and the popular genre show SUPERNATURAL. He’s also got a couple genre movie credits to his name in HOUSE OF WAX and CRY_WOLF, so as you can see he’s definitely a fan of the genre. We caught up with the young actor while on the set of FRIDAY THE 13TH. The time was around 3 AM and Padalecki had just approached us munching on a bag of Doritios Cool Ranch chips. Regardless of it being early morning and having worked all night, Padalecki was upbeat and ready to sit down with us and answer some questions. Little did he know that as soon as the interview was over he’d be wrapped for the night, lucky him!

It’s always this time of night where there’s nothing to eat so you just go straight to the craft service table. Bunch of peanuts and Skittles and now some Cool Ranch chips. Terrible, terrible. And then you say why did I do that? Oh yeah it was 3 o clock in the morning and I couldn’t think straight.

Tell us about your character and what you’re doing in the movie.

I play Clay Miller. Basically my involvement in the movie is I start out and we don’t know much about me. We just know that I’m looking for my sister who’s gone missing. So I go out to Camp Crystal Lake not knowing the legends and not knowing what’s out there and what happens on Friday the 13th. And that’s when I run into another group of young guys and gals who are out there for a camping trip and then horror ensues. I’m sure you can all imagine where we go from there, right?

How familiar were you with the earlier films?

I seen the first one and I seen FREDDY VS JASON. I’d seen one of the other ones, I assume the second one, where he had the burlap sack still. Because the first one he obviously wasn’t the villain and then FREDDY VS JASON I had seen, I had some buddies that were in that and I went and watched it. But mostly I was familiar, I knew the story. Everybody knows Jason Voorhees whether you’ve seen one or ten or zero. From then obviously Friday the 13th and the whole legend behind that, there’s not a Friday the 13th that goes by… It’s funny. I got home from work last night at like… I don’t want to exaggerate, I want to say it was like 5.. no 6:30 am ok. The hotel leaves your stereo on like classic music. The guy who was in-between songs was like ‘Well here on blah blah blah we have a long day of beautiful classical music in case you want to stay in and not go risk those Friday the 13th roads and that Friday the 13th traffic and blah blah blah.’ And literally as I walked into the door and I was like ‘weird man’ and I just turned the radio off and went to sleep. But I knew the legend, Friday the 13th. And I knew Jason.

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