Jared: “Jensen and I Have a Connection”

Jared Padalecki has revealed that he shares a bond with his on-screen Supernatural brother Jensen Ackles. Speaking to SFX, the 27-year-old actor – Sam Winchester in the teen drama – said that the pair have “a whole lot in common”.

“We pretty famously, since day one, have understood each other and gotten along. We’re both middle children from Texas, and our families are strong and happy, and we just have a whole lot in common. He’s a low-key guy, like me. We’re here to make a show and we’re playing pretend for a living, so we’ve always had a fun rapport and it’s been nice because it’s pretty much me and him all day, every day, so if we clashed it’d be really uncomfortable for the 125 people that work on this set.”

Padalecki added that his bond with Ackles “has grown stronger” over the years. Supernatural continues on Thursdays at 9pm on The CW. (Source)

4 Comments on “Jared: “Jensen and I Have a Connection””

  1. Of course they have a connection. even a blind man can see it 🙂
    it’s written all over their faces, when they are looking at each-other.

  2. Hi
    my name is fatima.I think that you are a grate artiste in the world and I love your showing in the newyork minutes.I am from the Iran.I happy for this conect and kiss you!

  3. I don’t know what kendall meant by “when they are looking at each-other”, but its ture that you can see how great these guys are able to work together! You can really FEEL that they are really brothers! And when they’re in conventions and/or behind the scenes, you could tell that they share a bond that its very rare in this industry. I think thats a honarable and speacial thing to have. C’mon, having you’re ‘brother” working with you, how fun is that!! That’s not work!

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