Jared & Jensen Not Doing “Simpsons”

[ Written on January 07 2010 by Natalie ]

The rumor originator took to their blog to explain:

Well, well. Today was an interesting experiment in the power of social media – or should I say, the insanity.

Yesterday, I posted a short, funny (or so I thought) piece about what would be on TV in the year 2025. I figured instead of looking back as most people do this time of year, I’d look into the future. I used my CRYSTAL BALL to see CSI: Mars, a 5-year old Doctor Who and Jensen and Jared on the Simpsons (NOT!).

Several people chose to take only the line about the boys and republish it on Twitter, sans the whole “Crystal Ball 2025 TV season” part and it went wild from there. Anyone who read the WHOLE article understood the context. Unfortunately, as it made its way around the internet, that context was lost.

It was a joke – Jensen and Jared are not going to be on “The Simpsons.”

I guess going forward, I should refrain from creative posting and stick to delivering nothing but facts – or maybe people just need to not believe everything they read until they have all the facts.

So my apologies to Jensen, Jared, their reps and the people at Warner Brothers who had to spend time unraveling this silly mess. And to the folks at The Simpsons – if you’d like to get me out of this jam by actually hiring the boys to voice an episode – I’d be ever grateful.


2 Comments to "Jared & Jensen Not Doing “Simpsons”"

  1. Mélanie Latour says:

    Bonjour, je ne suis pas votre principale fan je tiens à vous aviser c’est ma petite fille de 8 ans prénommée Coralie qui adore écouter Supernatural, son coeur balance entre Dean et Sam! Son rêve serait d’aller rencontrer Dean et Sam qui combattent les démons….

    Nous sommes du Québec et nnous suivons moi et ma fille la série depuis les débuts…

    Mélanie Latour

  2. Natalie says:

    Merci de vos commentaires, Melanie. Nous sommes contentes que vous nous laissez des messages et que vous aimez le site. 🙂

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