Review: “5.06 – I Believe the Children Are Our Future”

A very funny episode turns serious and with massive consquences to the war between Heaven and Hell.

I know some people don’t like the comedic one-shot episodes on SUPERNATURAL. But I simply love them. They give the writers a chance to branch out and explore their creative and comedic sides in ways the usual mytharc’s are able to do. Sure they have some great humor from Dean (Jensen Ackles) but not in the same way these do.

In “I Believe the Children Are Our Future” (an obvious shout out to the deceased King of Pop) we got a mixture of both – a one-shot episode that turned serious quick and introduced us to a possible significant player in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

And wow is Jesse – a half human/half demon hybrid conceived and born by a demon after it took over a poor Nebraska woman – one powerful player in the war. With a word, he can do anything. Whatever he believes in a certain radius becomes reality. And we see it happen as a shock button becomes an electrocution device, pop rocks and soda causes ulcers, itching powder makes you claw your brains out and the tooth fairy is one mean bastard that wears a pink tutu.

Sam (Jared Padelicki) and Dean track down Jesse after discovering the weird stuff happening in the small Nebraska town. At first, they believe it to be a random demon or some curse. But after they investigate his mother and lear her tale, Castiel (Misha Collins) appears to give them the bad news. Jesse is a sort-of anti-Christ and that he could very well destroy the angels and all of humanity.

Quickly it turns serious as Cas asks the Winchester brothers to kill the boy. But they refuse and so Castiel, feeling he has no choice given the consquences, tries to do it himself. Epic fail. You see Jesse just turns him into a statue with just a word. Before Dean and Sam can tell Jesse the truth, Jesse’s mother (now again possessed by a demon) tries to turn him to the dark side. But Jesse is half human as well and he listens to Dean and Sam more than he does the demon, and releases Dean and Sam from the demon’s hold.

But what does Jesse do now? The brothers want to put him in the hands of Bobby but Jesse doesn’t really want to do that and the brothers can’t make that decision for him. So Jesse decides to take it upon himself to disappear and save his family from a similar fate that happened to the Winchester brothers’ father.

It was an interesting tale of two episodes in “I Believe the Children are Our Future” with the first half straight up comedy and the second half much more serious and brooding with some big consequences in terms of the mythology. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Jesse and he could very well have a big part to play in the war between Heaven and Hell and defeating (if they can) Lucifer who is running rampant on Earth. I say this also because of the title of the episode that has the word future in it giving a hint that yes, indeed, we’ll see Jesse again in future episodes.

But we’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks until the next episode that will run as the show takes a break until Halloween.


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