Site News: New Owner

Hello Jared Fans!

I’m so excited about getting this site back! I currently own Salted ‘n Burned and Alluring Jensen Ackles and am excited about bringing Jared into the family.

I am bringing with me a dedicated staff and we’ll be getting right to it with updates.

Supernatural returns to the CW on September 24th and on a new night, Fridays.

While there are no promotional material available yet, you can catch up on comic-con news, and Supernatural info at Salted ‘n Burned.

I’ll be moving some updates over here and will also be working on the image gallery.

3 Comments on “Site News: New Owner”

  1. Thanks Kendall! We’ll certainly do our best here. There’s alot of stuff to catch up so it could take some time. I have my friends, Linda & Nicole, who will be helping out with news, reviews, etc…

    I’m currently evaluating what we need to do with the site. So bear with us 🙂

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