“Supernatural” Spoilers Trickling In

[ Written on December 19 2009 by Natalie ]

Spoilers appear to be trickling in from various sources such as Ausiello and E!Online among other random sources.

Supernatural fans have begun to refer to the long hiatus as Hellatus and with the original return date changed from January 14 to January 21 the wait seems so far away that the term Hellatus is very justified. However, all is not lost as spoilers begin to come out to let fans/viewers know a little of what is coming for them once Season 5 returns on January 21, 2010 at 9 PM (EST).

Warning: Spoilers Below
The remainder of Season 5 has in store for its viewers: 1.) Sam and Dean facing a few “inner” problems while they check themselves into a psch ward for a hunt and go a “little” wonky while on the job, epi 5.11, the first epi after the break 2.) Body swapping episode is geared for for epi 5.12 — now writer/producer Sera Gamble said in an interview that Sam switches body with someone but word on the grapevine says that Sam and Dean switch bodies with each other and a couple other people, hmm… 3.) Epi 5.13 will have a young Mary and John Winchester in 1978 and both boys are taken back in time to try and stop Anna from killing Mary and/or John to prevent Sam from ever being born, of course in 1978 Sam wasn’t even conceived yet, however there is a good chance that Mary could be pregnant with Dean, we’ll just have to see as he is set to be born in January 24, 1979. 4.) Zombies, but ‘nice’ zombies, huh? 5.) Sam will use his powers again before Season 5 ends and Dean won’t like it very much. 6.) God to make an appearence it’s beginning to look good at this point from rumbles coming down the pike 7.) Expect a Dean centric episode in March or April to celebrate the 100th Supernatural episode and is rumored to delve into Dean/Michael.

Recent spoiler from Ausiello that confirms the 100th episode focus:
Question: I need some Supernatural scoop. —D. Stephens
Ausiello: The show’s 100th episode (slated to air in March or April) will be a big one for Jensen Ackles. To find out why, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.
Juicy Spoiler Chat with E!Online’s Kristin:

Jason in Palm Springs, Calif.: Supernatural! So happy it’s going into syndication.
Happy zombies! Sam and Dean find a town where everyone’s loved ones come back to life as zombies but they’re nice, friendly, non-brain-eating zombies…oh, and one of them is Bobby’s dead wife.

Jamie in Rochester, N.Y.: This is a Supernatural question. I’m a Sam girl, and I was wondering if you had any scoop about him?
Even though Sam is supposed to be on the wagon with his powers, we will see him use them again before the end of Supernatural season five. (Dean’s not gonna be happy about that!) In other Supernatural news, we’ll be meeting another horseman of the apocalypse (Famine, this time, rather than War), and the Prophet Chuck will definitely be back, although probably not in the company of his Supernatural-fangirl girlfriend.

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