“Supernatural” to Film During Olympics

[ Written on February 12 2010 by Natalie ]

After Los Angeles and New York City, Vancouver hosts the most TV shows and movies in North America. And, even though others are making a profit off the 2010 Winter Olympics, the city’s film industry has decided to take a breather until the snow bunnies and news crews are gone. That means there will only be five productions working around the commotion, including a new movie starring James McAvoy and Fringe.

I’m With Cancer, which is being produced by Seth Rogen, a Vancouver native, is the only movie that will brave the chaos of the Olympics. The movie is set to begin production sometime in the next two weeks, right in the thick of Olympic fever. The movie stars Rogen and James McAvoy, who recently made it clear he felt there may be some logistical issues during the shoot. “We’re going to be the only movie filming in Vancouver during the Olympics,” he said. “There is a reason no one else is filming during the Olympics.”

Only four of the series that regularly shoot on location in Vancouver will also stick it out during the games. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, will continue shooting the fifth season of Supernatural in order to stick to a scheduled hiatus that begins next month. The show frequently films rural exteriors outside of the city centre and will most likely continue to do so for the next two weeks.

JJ Abrams’ Fringe, starring another local boy, Joshua Jackson,will take the first week of the games off but is expected to be back at work the following week on Feb. 22 in and around Vancouver.

The new FOX series Human Target will continue to shoot in the city throughout the games and they may even work the games into their storyline. “We’re actually going to put the Olympics in the show, and they don’t know that,” on of the show’s stars, Chi McBride said. “It’s a great location to work in, a great place to shoot. You get taken hostage a little bit by the weatherman once in a while, but we can go to interiors for that.”

And finally, the ABC series V, starring Elizabeth Mitchell, has also decided to push on through the games since they just started filming episodes again last month. V typically films most of their scenes in a studio which will definitely come in handy while the streets of Vancouver are flooded with tourists who would just love to see a big time American TV show filming. (Source)

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