Up Close with Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki: Part 1

TVGuide has an interview with Jared. Here it is:

Last week we heard from Jensen Ackles, aka Supernatural’s (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, CW) Dean. Now it’s costar Jared Padalecki’s turn. In Part 1 of our Q&A, the actor who plays Sam Winchester talks about tonight’s “Grimm” episode, a guest star he really loves and more.
TVGuide.com: “Bedtime Stories” is a pretty special episode for you, isn’t it?
Jared Padalecki: It is. My girlfriend, Sandra McCoy, is on the show. We met on set working together, so it was neat to come full circle. Here we are four years later working together again just like when we first met.

TVGuide.com: On what project did you meet?
Padalecki: We met in Richmond, Virginia, filming a movie called Cry Wolf, which I’m still very proud of. It was one of those movies where everybody came together because there wasn’t a whole lot of money and it was just a really friendly, fun experience.

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