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[ Written on January 07 2011 by Natalie ]

Hey Everyone!

Finally, life has settled down and I’m in the process of a major revamp of the site. Everything is going to get a facelift (new main layout, new image gallery layout) plus I’m gathering a solid staff to help with news updates as well as update the gallery.

I want to thank many of you for being so patient with me. I’ve been working steadily on fundraising efforts for a cause I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear about, as Jared himself supports the same cause. I’ve been raising funds for a no-kill animal shelter located in Louisiana called St Tammany Humane Society. I discovered this shelter through another actor I admire greatly, Ian Somerhalder.

Because of my efforts raising funds for his hometown shelter, Ian himself invited me to be part of his new foundation team, Ian Somerhalder Foundation. That is what has been keeping me away from this site and a few others that I run.

Things have settled down a bit and I’m now getting myself organized and ready to take on the world. Jared Fan will soon return to its original glory and we’ll be on top of things all Jared.

I’m very excited to also announce that in August 2011 I’ll be attending VanCon and will in fact meet Mr Padalecki himself. All I can say about that is *squee*! 🙂 Naturally, when that rolls around I’ll have some awesome coverage from the event.

Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned as I get things in order here! 🙂

3 Comments to "Updates On Site"

  1. kendall says:

    I am proud of you, you know that? i truly admire people who care for the ones who can’t do it themselves. I think it’s amazing. When i lived in Sweden, the group of young people in our church used to go in the homeless people gathering houses and bring them soup and tea and we even clip their hairs from time to time. And it is really nice feeling afterwords, you have changes somebody’s life, even if it’s a really small thing you actually did.
    And i can’t wait for you to start working with the site. I visit it almost everyday and i will keep doing it.
    So, see you around.

  2. Lana Hutchings says:

    I thought I saw Jared in Harry Potter’s Socerers Stone flying on a broom stick during the Quidich game . On the Slitherin side. Have I lost my mind?

  3. I wanted to know about you after I saw you in the supernatural and beyond you be so beautiful, you have seemed to be great person. I wish you get everything you want.
    I already am a fan.
    Hope to see you soon, of course on TV.
    Ah, see if it improves readability of your page for foreigners I am Brazilian and I only have three years of English language, do not understand abbreviations like many here. But just the fact come and see your comments and photos is already rewarding.
    Kisses dear.

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