Was ‘Friday the 13th’ a ‘Supernatural’ Experience for Jared Padalecki?

Source: BuddyTv.Com

Jared Padalecki isn’t slowing down when it comes to shooting horror flicks, and he seems to be enjoying the ride. This year, he’s ready to join Jensen Ackles once again, and return as Sam Winchester on The CW’s Supernatural. He rose to fame in House of Wax, and he’s on a roll with another big screen hit, playing the Clay on Friday the 13th. The star recently spoke to the press about his projects, especially facing off with one of cinema’s notorious masked killers, Jason.

“It’s hard to describe the preparation for Friday the 13th,” Padalecki said. “I don’t have a method … I just try to get some ideas and familiarize myself with the character. I filmed Friday the 13th on April 30th in Austin, Texas, and was filming Supernatural in Vancouver, BC, on April 28, so I flew straight from set to set. If you talk to anybody in the cast, it was kind of a crazy shooting schedule?a lot of handheld, a lot of run-and-gun. It was kind of like guerrilla filmmaking, but I think it’ll turn out great.”

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